Masada Armour Bulletproof Level III+ Ballistic Protection Plate

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Masada Armor brings you ballistic protection plates with NIJ standard III+ protection.
These ballistic plates have an advanced shooter cut that helps the shooter aim more easily.
Masada Armor ballistic plates are III+ level protection by NIJ. They are lightweight and constructed from an extremely tough ballistic steel core and covered with an anti-shatter coating. Unmatched in the industry, our ballistic steel plate is specially formulated and treated to our specifications for improved consistency and durability, then tested to NIJ standards. They are designed to withstand extreme wear and tear from everyday use, training and less than ideal storage conditions. Designed as a light hard armor pistol threat option, our III+ model features an aggressive ergonomic curve that minimizes plate pressure in a camouflage mount (can be worn as a front or back plate). Using hard armor instead of or in conjunction with soft armor greatly reduced the effects of blunt force trauma compared to wearing only soft body armor. Thinner than most Kevlar and Dyneema alternatives, our Level III+ hard armor plate is multi-hit capable, self-contained, puncture and cut resistant, and costs less than half of the comparable alternative.

The plates are certified and tested!

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  • Comfort for advanced shooters Cut design, aming for easier shooting.
  • Robust, reliable and unbreakable
  • Multi-hit capable and stand alone armor plate
  • Puncture and cut resistant
  • Reduced blunt force trauma compared to Kevlar and Dyneema, an alternative IIIA body armor
  • The body armor fits into plate carriers that accept medium and large SAPI plates
  • Designed to be used as front or backplates
  • The plates are curved in a body shape to best fit
  • Easy
  • NIJ standard level III+

Detailed description:

  • Size: 25x30cm/10x12inch
  • Standalone
  • Armor protection level: III++ 
  • Made in Israel
  • Brand: Masada Armor
  • Manufacturer: Masada Armor LTD

Plate Level III+ STA ; NIJ 0101.06 , 2.5 kg each plate, 25×30 cm .

Bullet: 7.62×51 M80 FMJ , 5.56×45 M193 , 7.62×39 M43 MSC ,

Additional information

Weight 2,5 kg